Fair share for East Auckland

The size of a small city and growing fast, East Auckland needs investment or we will be left behind. With nearly 10% of the city’s population (and growing fast), we must ensure that we get the investment required to build our future without costing us everything we have today.

My vision for council

I want to live in an Auckland where we have the infrastructure, environment and people to support our growing city. Our councillors, mayor and local boards work collaboratively to achieve the best outcome for Auckland in an open and transparent manner. Local government funding has been reformed and council is no longer entirely reliant on ratepayers, recognising the significant contribution that the regions make to the country’s economy. Waste within council has been eliminated unlocking funds to invest in the infrastructure we need and deliver core services effectively and efficiently. Community assets like parks are proactively managed so they’re safe, clean and enjoyable to use.

Practical policy to achieve this

  • Stop endless rates rises - ratepayers cannot be seen as an endless source of revenue for council spending.

  • Challenge reckless spending, especially vanity projects and excessive consultancy fees.

  • Ensure that core services like park maintenance is delivered consistently and reliably.

  • Proactively survey all parks, equipment and public facilities to gain a complete understanding of the state of our recreational areas and develop a plan to renew and rebuild to a high standard.

  • Protect our neighbourhoods and heritage, respecting our history while we grow.

  • Create safer communities through better design, supporting community patrols and greater enforcement of bylaws to discourage bad behaviour in our communities.

  • Continue to drive cost efficiencies throughout the council including group procurement and better alignment between departments.

  • Ensure that council is leveraging its commercial assets and businesses to maximise their revenue potential and community benefits.

  • Reduce reliance on general rates with alternative funding, including use of bonds like the highly successful Green Investment Bonds which has raised $200million and $150million over two rounds.

  • Advocate for rates reform at central government level to ensure that more of the revenue collected locally is made available to council (reducing reliance on rates).