Stickers no solution to illegal dumping.

2019.02.04 Illegal Dumping Stickers 02.jpg

While out in Flat Bush I came across some illegally dumped rubbish which is sadly a common sight. Stopping to report it, I noticed they had bright orange stickers on them. I was stunned to discover that these were from Auckland Council, noting that the illegal dumping was being investigated.

While I applaud Auckland Councils efforts to investigate and prosecute illegal dumping, putting a sticker on them is not the solution.

Removing these eyesores as soon as practically possible must be the first priority, followed by enforcement. Absolutely we must punish the perpetrators but an orange sticker isn’t stopping anyone.

Leave behind a warning sign that the location is being monitored but clear the site. Leaving it just encourages others and leaves locals to deal with the mess.

We also need to urgently review the inorganic collection to make it work!

We can do better than this.