Ending domestic violence will take a community approach

Domestic violence is a terrible scourge on our communities and families. We've all heard the news, seen the statistics but its ruining lives, destroying futures.

David White is one such person - he lost his daughter, murdered by her husband. Instead of retiring, his wife and him have been raising his grandchildren, dealing with the aftermath.

He's committed to visiting every electorate in the country to share his story. It's a big ask, 71 electorates in 71 days with 120 presentations but he's doing it. I heard him speak last night in his Botany stop and it was powerful. He's very open and honest about his experiences, it's raw and personal. His experiences were devastating, inspiring and always real.

Some of what he said was hard to listen to, especially trying to explain to his 9yo granddaughter why her father had killed her mother.

He's been through some terrible times but he's determined to see change. He had some incredible stories about confronting hardened criminals in prison, communities lifting themselves up and how small interventions can help. He talked about hugging a 37 year old prisoner who'd never been hugged in his life and had never hugged his kids. It's no excuse, but the reality is that we need to break the cycle of violence.

We need to proactively tackle domestic violence as a community, not rely on the Police when it's too late. Those communities don't have to be geographical, they can be work, faith or sports communities.

Domestic violence is not okay. 
Asking for help or asking people if they need help is okay. 
Being the help people need is okay.

I strongly encourage you to get along to hear David, before his tour ends