We're making progress on transport, but there's a way to go

Auckland has some serious transport issues but there is light at the end of the congested tunnel. And that light is public transport and active modes like cycling and walking.

Cars have their place but we need effective mass transit to support our growing population. All the successful cities around the world have them, we should too.

It's easy to forget the incredible progress we've made recently like HOP cards, integrated ticketing, double deckers, electric trains, bus lanes. A recent Spinoff piece gives a great summary of where we’ve come from and where we’re headed.

It's harder to ignore the massive investment underway now like the Eastern Busway and CRL which are being built at long last.

What's essential is that we deliver these transformational projects while also addressing safety and local issues.

Frequency, reliability and coverage of services (both geographical and time) are still issues as is affordability.

We also haven't cracked the first and last mile, which is always a challenge. Park and ride is part of that, but we need smarter solutions so people don't have to drive if they don't want to or can't.

Auckland's transport system is far from perfect but we're on the right track. We need to maintain discipline, funding and not forget the local voice.