Lloyd Elsmore Skate Park in desperate need of upgrade

Lloyd Elsmore has a skate park but its in desperate need of attention. A small group of us caught up this afternoon to see what can be done.

It doesn't take an expert to see that the skate park is tired. There's big cracks and splits in the concrete, the rails are worn and the surface is rough which wears down tires (and riders if they fall off).

There were some kids using the park and they all said the same thing - it's boring and old. Many had been down to Barry Curtis Park but Lloyd Elsmore is closer.

We spoke to a mother and local teacher who asked for some basic facilities - there's currently no water, toilets or shade. Even getting access to the skate park isn't easy with no parking or footpath access. She wanted her teenagers to be able to come down and play, but she didn't feel safe letting them do this. There's no lighting around the skate park and there have been issues.

The Howick Local Board is aware of the problems and have some work underway to review all sports facilities in the area. But if we want this to improve we need to show the support for it. You can do this via the Facebook page.

Rail is so worn and sunken it’s no use to anyone

Rail is so worn and sunken it’s no use to anyone