3. Holding council to account

Auckland Council oversees spending that is only rivaled by central government, with billions in operating budget and even more in capital investment. The Councillors and Mayor hold incredible responsibility for decisions that will impacting us for decades to come. But the news is full stories of bickering, bullying and poor attendance at meetings and workshops.

Our governing body must operate in a more disciplined and constructive manner. We must see an end to the mistrust and hidden reports - our councillors must have all the information they need to make decisions and act professionally with privileged information.

  • Demand an honest and accountable council, holding my fellow councillors and mayor to the highest standard.

  • Work constructively with all parties (regardless of political background) to achieve the best outcomes.

  • Ensure we see the end shoddy park maintenance by keeping the contractors honest and enforcing punishments agreed within contracts (e.g. fines).

  • Protect our parks from sell-offs, we need our green spaces even more as we grow.

  • Speed up investigations and tidy up of illegal dumping to ensure that perpetrators are dealt with and environment is cleaned up.

  • Ensure that Council recovers as much of the $1million a year spent cleaning up the 1300 tonnes of illegally dumped rubbish by recovering it from those responsible.

  • Provide open and honest communication on council decisions and how they will impact our community.

  • Improve council website to provide information to the public in a easy and accessible manner. including better links for local boards and options to subscribe for alerts.

  • Being available in our community to listen and hear your concerns and ideas in formal and informal engagements.  

  • Ensuring that East Auckland’s voice is heard at council and listened to.

  • Providing better transparency on resource consent applications and providing more opportunities for locals to engage constructively before decisions are made.