Again Aucklanders made to pay more for transport

Very unhappy to see that public transport fares are once again going up.

Aucklanders have been paying extra for fuel to help boost investment in transport (which we desperately need). It's been difficult for many but we've adapted because it means better transport for Auckland. But for Auckland Transport to then increase fares due to the same fuel tax is farcical.

When this tax was introduced AT *must* have calculated this into their future operational costs, like every Aucklander did. AT received $8.1 billion in extra operational funding, which was meant to be used to increase services and decrease fares. But less than a year later, we're being asked to pay more.

The lack of actual response from the Minister is also disappointing. We've had a promise to investigate but it's too late. This government has made a lot of noise about climate change and public transport - they need to step up with the funding.

TransportDamian Light