Vanity projects are not the answer to our transport problems

Today Auckland Council proudly announced that they're wasting an unknown amount of money on trams for Wynard Quarter. This is a waste of money and effort that should’ve been focused on real transport, addressing congestion and safety.

This same week we found out that we're required to pay more for public transport because of rising costs.This is not only incredibly poor timing but also shows how some in Council have little regard for responsible spending.

It's worth highlighting that only one Councillor (Richard Hills, North Shore) voted against this terrible waste of public funds. How much? We don't actually know, but it's estimated to be somewhere close to $6.6million. Panuku Auckland recommended that these were not reinstated due to the cost, lack of commercial viability and little actual functionality.

We need better transport and this vanity project isn’t it...

TransportDamian Light