Protect and restore our environment

Our city is growing fast, especially in parts of East Auckland and we must make sure that this development does not come at the cost of the environment. With proper investment in infrastructure we can have clean beaches and waterways and eliminate flooding.

We have a responsibility to not only protect the environment, but also restore it. Passionate locals are volunteering to help, council needs to proactively support and engage with these individuals and groups.

My vision for our environment

I want to live in an Auckland where kaitiakitanga (guardianship) is at the core of how we live. We’ve achieved zero carbon emissions through practical and realistic actions at both a regional and local level. Developments continue across the growing city in a sustainable and future-focused manner, with decisions made to minimise the impact on the environment during and after construction. Our city is prepared for climate change with resilient infrastructure and robust plans to adapt to the rising sea levels and more extreme weather events.

Practical policy to achieve this

  • Making every beach swimmable by investing heavily in water quality and stormwater infrastructure.

  • Reducing the impact of flooding by preparing our streets and infrastructure to cope with increased extreme weather events brought on by climate change.

  • Taking urgent action to slow down and, where possible prevent, further soil and cliff erosion to protect our coastline green spaces and properties.

  • Encourage and support community-led planting and pest free initiatives and ensure these are coordinated alongside council led programmes.

  • Reduce reliance on chemical spraying in parks through use of mechanical and other alternatives.

  • Protect our native wildlife by boosting support for biodiversity and pest control and actively engage with community groups and volunteers to build a wide network.

  • Ensure we see the end shoddy park maintenance by keeping the contractors honest and enforcing punishments agreed within contracts (e.g. fines).

  • Protect our parks from sell-offs, we need our green spaces even more as we grow.

  • Speed up investigations and tidy up of illegal dumping to ensure that perpetrators are dealt with and environment is cleaned up.

  • Ensure that Council recovers the millions spent cleaning up illegally dumped rubbish from those responsible.

  • Help reduce our carbon emissions and air pollution by accelerating the purchase of electric buses.

  • Implement an ambitious but realistic plan of action to make Auckland carbon neutral before 2050, including prioritisation of transport which contributes 40% of the city’s emissions.

  • Providing better transparency on resource consent applications and providing more opportunities for locals to engage constructively before decisions are made.

  • Boost investment in environmental action by raising additional funds through alternative funding methods such as the highly successful Green Investment Bonds which has raised $200million and $150million over two rounds.

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