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"I will ensure the people of East Auckland are heard at the Council table"


With business and governance experience, combined with strong community connections, I have an unrivaled mix of what's needed to be your councillor.

Auckland Council is making an unprecedented investment in the rest of Auckland and I'll ensure East Auckland is no longer left behind. I will demand an honest and accountable council, challenge reckless spending and battle to protect our neighborhoods and heritage and put the people of East Auckland first.

I'll make sure we get our fair share of funding; fast-track the Eastern Busway, arrest shoddy park maintenance, put the handbrake on rates increases, protect our parks from sell-offs, transform public transport and make every beach swimmable.

With your support, I will provide the vision and leadership to tackle the tough issues, put in the hard work and ensure the people of East Auckland are heard at the council table.

My priorities

If elected, these will be the key priorities for me as a Councillor.


Fair share for East Auckland

The size of a small city and growing fast, East Auckland needs investment or we will be left behind. With nearly 10% of the cities population (and growing fast), we must ensure that we get the investment required to build our future without costing us everything we have today.


Delivering on transport

Council has recently signed off on the largest investment in transport our city has ever seen. For the first time, Auckland has a properly funded long term transport plan. However Council needs to make sure that this delivers on its promise and that we don’t lose sight of the local issues.


Strong community voice

Council has become disconnected from our communities, losing sight of local issues and opportunities. In many cases communication with council is hard work, requiring technical knowledge and too much time which discourages feedback. Communication breakdowns within council leave residents feeling ignored and frustrated.


Protect and restore our environment

Our city is growing fast, especially in parts of East Auckland and we must make sure that this development does not come at the cost of the environment. We have a responsibility to not only protect the environment, but also restore it.