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I’ve lived and worked in Auckland my entire life. I’ve lived across Auckland and now call Botany my home where I live with my partner who grew up here.

For over a decade I’ve worked as a problem solver, helping large organisations improve their delivery to customers, staff and shareholders. Continuous improvement is the art/science of helping fix issues using structured problem solving. It's about quickly understanding the issue from all sides, exploring the options and then working with people to quickly and correctly implement change. It's varied, challenging and ultimately rewarding, making things better in practical and meaningful ways. I’ve managed staff, led teams and delivered transformational change.

I’ve volunteered for numerous community organisations across the city helping to fundraise, raise awareness and directly help those in need. I’ve provided my expertise in governance and organisation.

My passion to see our country improve led me to into parliamentary politics, standing as a candidate four times, serving on a party board and culminating in leading UnitedFuture into the 2017 general election. With the closure of the party, I’ve returned to focus on my passion of local challenges and solutions.

I stood for the Howick ward during the 2018 by-election to replace the late Dick Quax.

See my complete employment history on LinkedIn.

Rangitoto is my mountain.
Waitēmatā is my harbour.
I am Pakehā.
My ancestors are Irish, Scottish and English.
I went to Rosmini College.
I am from Auckland.
I live in Botany.

I grew up in Devonport.
My last name is Light.
My first name is Damian.

My grandparents on my mothers side are Brendan and Molly.
My grandparents on my fathers side are Lloyd and Eva.
My father’s name is Alan.
My mother’s name is Elizabeth.
My older brother’s name is Phillip.
I am the second oldest child.
My younger brother’s names are Julian, Rowan and Dominic.
My sister’s name is Emily.
My partner’s name is Joshua.
I have no children.
I have two nephews
I have four nieces.

 My pepeha
Ko Rangitoto te maunga.
Ko Waitēmatā te moana.
Ko ngati pakehā te iwi.
Ko Irish rātou ko Scottish, ko English te hapu.
Ko Rosmini College taku kura.
Nō Tāmaki Makaurau ahau.
Kei Botany taku kainga.

I tipu ake ai ahu i Devonport.
Ko Light taku whanau.
Ko Damian taku ingoa.

I te taha o taku whaea, ko Brendan rauā ko Molly akū tīpuna.
I te taha o taku matua, ko Lloyd rauā ko Eva akū tīpuna.
Ko Alan taku pāpā.
Ko Elizabeth taku māmā.
Ko Phillip taku tuakana.
Ko ahau te tamati tuarua o taku whānau.
Ko Julian rātou ko Rowan, ko Dominic aku teina.
Ko Emily taku tuahine.
Ko Joshua taku tane.
Kaore aku tamariki.
Tokorua aku irāmutu tane.
Tokowha aku irāmutu kōtira.