Fair share of rates.

Auckland Council is making an unprecedented investment across Auckland and I'll ensure East Auckland is not left behind.

I will challenge reckless spending, put the handbrake on endless rates rises and ensure cost effective delivery of services.


Deliver on transport.

Resolving road safety concerns around our schools must be a priority including ending overcrowding on school buses, ensuring safe road crossings and real options for walking and cycling.

I will ensure the billions invested delivers on reducing congestion, improving safety and ensuring our transport is fit for a growing city.

2019.05.22 Stockade Hill 02.jpg

Strong community voice.

We must prevent issues like those surrounding Stockade Hill from happening again by improving communication between council and community.

I will ensure that local voices are heard, that council is open, transparent and accountable and we embrace our multicultural and diverse community.

2019.06.29 Macleans College Planting 01.jpg

Protect and restore our environment.

Our city is growing fast, especially in East Auckland and we must make sure that this development does not come at the cost of the environment.

I will make sure council takes action to protect our community from climate change, flooding and erosion and restores our water quality and biodiversity.